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Hello and welcome to the site! I am Renee, "Mompreneur," wife, singer and lover of life! I am somewhat of newbie in the blogging community, but I love to talk and write so I should be right at home in this space. I am a pet lover--I have one cat, so I guess that qualifies; I enjoy spending time with kids simply because they are entertaining; they are truth tellers. I am fascinated by their ability to transform or lift any spirit with laughter; I am always in awe of their ability to learn and adapt to new media. In my free time,I read, cook, listen to and learn Standards through You Tube. I am a big jazz music fan -BIG! I love to dance to the music of life-juggling family, and managing my emerging brand for a kids music and education program. When I am not busy doing all of these things, I spend quality time with my family and friends

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"First Thoughts"

Today women wear many hats: family hats, work hats, church lady hats, you name it.  I own a few hats and consider myself to be somewhat of a decent multi-tasker -even before I became a mom; But in 2007, I pushed the envelope to join the ranks of other adults (specifically working mom's) when I decided to go back to school. Today, I sit at my kitchen table creating a blog as part of a course assignment.  I am also a graduating senior embarking on the quest to become a "Communications Professional."  I've spent four years studying the Process of Communication, TV Production, Advertising, Writing for Film and Television, etc. (all while singing professionally) -in a nutshell, learning the ends and outs of the industry I love to hate...Mass Media.  I digress.  So, what is exactly is a "Professional Communicator?" According to Wikipedia, "Professional communication encompasses written, oral, visual and digital communication within a workplace context [...] It is a new discipline that focuses on the study of information and the ways it is created, managed, distributed, and consumed."  This discipline has allowed me to move from a consumer to a "media pro-sumer" (Hence the reason for the use of the word PRO in my blog name).  I chose to capitalize "ME" in the word media to indicate my personal experiences and perspective on the ever-changing world of new media.